2017 Conferences Every College CIO Should Attend

Staying on top of all the tech developments in higher ed isn’t an easy task for CIOs, but there are many resources available to help you keep up-to-date. For instance, there are plenty of conferences around the country, and even the world, that are focused primarily on the role of technology in higher education. Attending even one or two a year is a great way to stay caught up with the latest and greatest developments. Here are a few can’t miss conferences to put on your calendar for 2017.

Campus Technology 2017

The 24th iteration of the Campus Technology Conference will be held in Chicago, July 17-20. It’s the perfect place for CIOs and any campus technology leaders to come together and discuss a broad swath of technologies regarding administration, teaching and learning, infrastructure, research, and more. This is one of the longest running events dedicated to campus tech, and you won’t want to miss it if you can help it.


NYSERNet’s annual conference for CIOs will be held July 12-14th, and will open with a keynote speech by Thornton May titled, “Leading and Learning in Revolutionary Times.” The 16th edition of the New York State Higher Education CIO Conference will give you a chance to network with peers, speak with thought leaders, and learn about new insights regarding the future of tech on college campuses.

EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

This is one of the premier gatherings of IT leaders, providers, and professionals focused on the best and most innovative ideas for technology in higher education. It really is a can’t miss event if you’re looking for fresh ideas on strategy, effective processes, and the future of campus IT. The conference will run from October 31st to November 3rd.

UBTech 2017

UBTech will be held June 12-14th in Orlando, FL and will feature opening remarks from Gary Kayye and a closing keynote from Andrew Lippman. The conference and trade show is specifically focused on leadership in higher education technology, and will feature several speakers, breakout sessions, and more. It’s a great opportunity to have a conversation about the best practices and innovation that go along with campus technology.

HASTAC 2017: The Possible Worlds of Digital Humanities

In Orlando, FL on November 2-4, HASTAC will hold its conference devoted to exploring the concepts of the humanities and technology in higher education. Much of IT and tech on campus is assumed to benefit STEM programs and students, so it’s a refreshing take on what’s possible for the humanities in the digital age. Mark your calendars and get ready for an exceptional lineup of scholars.

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