Data Integration for Dummies

…a reference for the “99% of us” who are struggling with data integration…

Is there a need for SaaS Integration?


So, what’s the problem?

Data Integration is a complex business

There are several data integration platforms, middleware platforms and other integration methodologies. However, data integration is a complex business because it’s an “n-squared” problem – when you connect more nodes, the resulting mesh of connections grows exponentially. An effective data integration platform should be designed in such a way that it takes the complexities of common source systems and destination systems into account and minimizes complexity…but how do we get there?

Here’s how we’d like to see it work in the “promised land”

  1. Create an API (Application Programming Interface)
  2. Share this API with partner using an interactive model that can be used to test connections
  3. Partners tune?their applications to fit your APIs (or you can simply map and mask if needed)
  4. We can live happily ever after

However, here are the integration steps in today’s world…

  1. Understand the Enterprise data for your enterprise
  2. Create APIs
  3. Configure each API to setup security policies for each partner
  4. Setup field mapping (transformation) rules for each partner
  5. Setup Look up Value Mapping (translation) rules for each partner
  6. Publish APIs
  7. Train partners
  8. Adjust APIs to suit each partner needs
  9. Train IT team on designing good APIs
  10. Train partners on leveraging the APIs as delivered
  11. Track API usage by partner
  12. Track data security policies and violations

Data Integration, powered by Illuminate


Let’s design the features for a Data Integration Platform for Higher Education

A data integration platform for higher education should support features to simplify these “real-world” challenges. It should:

  • Have a Standard Data Model
  • Have a Security Layer
  • Support Turnkey Deployment
  • Support Interconnectivity and Interoperability?to many common higher education applications
  • Support a Scalable Enterprise and grow with you

Integration for CIOs and CTOs



Data integration in higher education has historically been a challenge, but it no longer needs to be a source of frustration. N2N’s “Illuminate” platform provides a robust web-based service to manage your data integration needs. You can have an easy-to-use dashboard to manage data exchange partners, to manage APIs, to manage data access (and field-level security), and to manage data transformations, all combined with logging of transactional exchanges so you know with whom your data was shared. If you are one of the “99%” who are struggling with data integration, contact N2N and let us show you the path forward.