Illuminate Photon

Introducing Illuminate Photon

Transform Your Organization with Illuminate Photon, N2N’s new lightweight, low cost API Management Platform and Cloud Integration Gateway that simplifies the do-it-yourself process.

Illuminate Photon enables IT organizations to achieve the dream of true interoperability by leveraging a simple menu-driven approach to seamlessly integrating any SaaS, Hosted or on-premises application with your Systems, Databases, and Single Sign-on environment.

Our Photon Edition now puts the power of API creation in your hands using simple wizards to create web services in minutes without ever having to write another line of code.


Illuminate puts the power of APIs at your fingertips…

Simplify Integrations

Utilize Illuminate Photon to simplify the process of integrating your systems. Illuminate Photon provides the power to your software development team. Once the software is deployed, your programmers can build RESTful webservices in minutes using Illuminate Photon.



Instant Web Services

Illuminate provides the ability to create a custom set of organization specific APIs which can be composed and published as a RESTful web service in a matter of minutes. Each API can be completely customized including calling SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures or database events. Data can be delivered in any format required such as JSON, XML or CSV in real-time or on a pre-defined schedule with a simple configuration change. Once the web services are created, you can apply translation and transformation rules directly from the intuitive API Builder interface.


Enhance Security

Illuminate Photon revolutionizes your integration methodology by enhancing the security protocols around the flow of data in and out of your organization. Reduce firewall rules, decouple your most mission critical databases from their application servers and deliver data as a web service via the Illuminate Platform. Learn more about Illuminate’s enhanced security by selecting the Contact Us form.


Improve Visibility

Illuminate Photon elevates integration management from a single application burden to an institutional expertise. Centralize all integrations in one platform to empower your IT staff to instantly see which systems or partners are accessing which data in real-time, provide single button click to authorize each system, API or data field and track each transaction for ease of troubleshooting and security review.

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