Illuminate Pricing

Illuminate, the first of its kind SaaS platform for educational institutions looking to migrate to the cloud. Illuminate delivers key API management capabilities needed for your institution’s digital transformation initiatives.

Illuminate’s full range of capabilities include API creation, packaging, testing, and management of your APIs and community of users and partner. APIs can be orchestrated, processed and monitored using the integrated integration platform within Illuminate.

Illuminate combines the sophistication of a modern web interface to compose and deploy integrations in a Service Oriented Architecture coupled with an Enterprise Services Bus engine that translates the API development into actionable requests to underlying systems either as a POST or GET calls.


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API Library**
API Builder
-   SQL Definition
-   DB Procedural Definition
-   Endpoint
-   Pub / Sub Endpoint
-   File as Source
-   Interface Designer
-   Import from Spec

API Scheduler
API Analytics
API Explorer
* Pricing valid through 12/31/2017 with annual subscription
** Only APIs created within the account are available.



Connections are resources, data providers, or unique data sources in which to pull information. An RDBMS is a data source.


A consumer is considered a single point of access consuming an API.  For example, any unique application, developer, partner or vendor that executes your API or that is receiving your APIs data.  Each consumer is managed separately and can be authorized or deauthorized to use each individual API.


API is an acronym for Application Programing Interface. APIs are the way modern applications communicate and exchange data. In Illuminate an API definition might retrieve data from a connection and deliver it to a consumer or it may take data from a consumer and deliver it to one of your connections while applying transformation rules.


Users are Illuminate system administrators or users, those with credentials to the Illuminate platform.




API Library

Our API Library makes it easy for you to locate and manage your suite of APIs. The library classification system includes grouping, tagging and versioning to easily identify APIs.  Build your own Library of APIs or leverage Illuminate’s existing API Library of over 150 pre-built APIs for instant integrations.

API Builder

Enhance your integration strategy by building your own APIs and publishing them as a web service in a matter of minutes with our easy to use wizards. You can define APIs using SQL, database stored procedures, existing web service endpoints, publish/subscribe messaging endpoints, data files, or import from existing specifications and output to JSON, XML or a CSV file. Further manage your APIs by applying data transformation and translation rules on each output element.

Through the API Builder you also have access to the Interface Designer Workflow tool which allows you to map an existing API to a POST API. This mapping facilitates an automated flow of data between Illuminate APIs providing seamless integration of your APIs.


Review API transaction history and traffic trends through Illuminates API logs and dashboards.  Our analytic tools allow you to see request traffic, transaction errors and system latency in real time. You can also review the historical trends system wide or by each individual API.


Schedule your APIs to automatically execute on a recurring basis. Frequency intervals of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years can be configured. Alert notifications can be sent via email to let you know the status of your scheduled execution. You can also review your scheduled execution history and upcoming schedule within the features dashboard.

API Explorer

Our API Explorer allows you to virtualize your API as a consumer executing the web service.  Our API Explorer acts as a Test Client allowing you to try out any of your APIs as the consumer who is executing the request.  You can instantly see the APIs formatted output as you’ve defined it.  Our API Explorer also includes a code generator to stub your API calls in nine different languages including: Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, Shell, Ruby, Objective-C, Go, and JavaScript.