Illuminate – The iPaaS for Higher Education

Illuminate - The first iPaaS for Higher Education

Illuminate – The first iPaaS for Higher Education

Transform Your Institution with Illuminate – the first ever Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) built specifically for Higher Education.

Introducing Illuminate
Industry Leading iPaaS for Higher Education

Illuminate enables IT organizations to achieve the dream of true interoperability by leveraging a simple menu driven approach to seamlessly integrating any SaaS, Hosted or on-premises application with your Student Information System, Learning Management System, and Single Sign-on environment.

Illuminate delivers the power of a defined library of APIs to centrally manage integration for every vendor without ever having to write another line of code.

Illuminate puts the power of APIs at your fingertips…

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Simplify Integrations
Utilize Illuminate to simplify the process of integrating all your campus systems by deploying an iPaaS custom built for the needs of Higher Education. Connecting any system to your SIS, LMS or SSO environment can now be done with a few clicks of the mouse. Defined APIs can be deployed and reused for every integration with any required customizations without ever once writing a single line of code.

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Leverage an API Library
Illuminate comes deployed with over 120 prebuilt APIs for accessing common data from most major Student Information Systems, Learning Management Systems or Single Sign-On applications. Individual system customizations can be applied via a user friendly web interface to deliver the right data to the right application at the right time without ever having to change the underlying deployed API.
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Instance Web Services
Illuminate provides the ability to create a custom set of institutional specific APIs which can be composed and published as a web service in a matter of minutes. Each API can be completely customized including calling SQL queries, PL/SQL stored procedures or database events. Data can be delivered in any format required like JSON, XML or CSV in real-time or on a pre-defined schedule with simple configuration change.
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Enhance Security
Illuminate revolutionizes your integration methodology by enhancing the security protocols around the flow of data in and out of your campus. Reduce firewall rules, decouple your most mission critical databases from their application servers and deliver data as a web service via the Illuminate Platform.
Improve Visibility
Illuminate elevates integration management from a single application burden to an institutional expertise. Centralize all integrations in one platform to empower your IT staff to instantly see which systems or partners are accessing which data in real-time, provide single button click to authorize each system, API or data field and track each transaction for ease of troubleshooting and security review.

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