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Fast Track Client Growth with Illuminate for Higher Education

The First iPaaS Available in the Higher Education Marketplace

The challenges of managing a modern Higher Education IT organization are never ending. Infrastructures are becoming more complex, the explosion of new SaaS applications is adding to an already staggering list of projects required and almost 75% of Higher Education CIOs report an inability to pay competitive salaries for key technical positions.

Your growth depends on the ability to ensure a fast, secure and seamless integration to provide the data needed to power your solution. Yet, too often integration conversations are pushed to the end of the sales process with vague promises of success which can derail an implementation and make for angry clients, lost revenue and a poor reputation.

Illuminate for Higher Education has been designed with your clients’ and prospects’ integration challenges at heart.  Illuminate for Higher Education is a turnkey Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution built specific to the needs of Colleges and Universities. Illuminate for Higher Education enables SaaS providers to pre-define their integration requirements thereby streamlining the connection from most Student Information Systems (SIS), Learning Management Systems (LMS), and Single Sign-on environments to your solution seamlessly.

Illuminate for Higher Education empowers your sales and development teams to move integration from being a barrier to success to a Competitive Advantage!

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Connectors and Adapters for Partners

Illuminate for Higher Education comes built with an extensive library of pre-defined APIs you can leverage right out of the box. In addition, partners can define a Certified Build allowing for one-click deployment of their integration requirements to each new client.  Illuminate for Higher Education allows you to reduce the effort on each new client integration from months to days.

Your developers can now focus on innovation in your applications, secure in the knowledge that Illuminate for Higher Education provides a common interfaces with minimal development effort regardless of Client SIS, LMS or SSO environment.  Additionally, upgrades, install oddities or change in staff at a client site no longer become a barrier to increased client adoption of your whole solution.

  • SIS support for most common Student Information Systems including Ellucian Banner, Colleague and PowerCampus, Oracle Peoplesoft and Jenzabar
  • Learning Management System (LMS) support for Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas and D2L
  • Single Sign-on support for LDAP, CAS, Shibbeoth and Active Directory.

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