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Illuminate for Student Success

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Leaders in Integration in Higher Education

N2N Services is the leader in systems integration in Higher Education. Our Illuminate Platform is the first Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that offers a library of pre-built APIs covering the most common data integration challenges for Colleges and Universities.

Our Company

At our core we are technology people with a deep passion for the power of education to transform lives. Our focus is how to innovatively unlock the data stored in each disparate system to allow College and University leaders the ability to more wisely engage every student in a meaningful way.

Our Technology

As a technology company, technology is at the core of our being and what we think about morning, noon and night. Our platform is designed from the ground up in the latest web technologies and supports all integration methodologies.

We actively add new APIs, add support for new Student Information Systems and Learning Management Systems, and add new and innovative functionality to improve the flow of data and to make our client’s lives easier at every institution. In addition, security is at the forefront of everything we do.  From encryption of all data in transit to leveraging hardened data centers we know the secure transition of your data is the most important requirement and we strive to exceed those demands every day.