Why Illuminate? A University Chancellor’s Guide

The amount of mobile devices and technology on college campuses increases every year. Students are bringing more internet connected devices with them, and they expect to be able to use them in productive ways to improve their educational experience. Colleges around the country are rushing to keep up with the tech revolution, constantly adding new apps to their IT systems, and placing more emphasis on giving students the power to control various aspects of their college experience.

Here’s the thing, each added app or new system that allows students to sign up for classes, manage their finances, or even check how many meals they have left in a semester, probably has to work with another existing app or system.

Maybe a student wants to check their grades from their phone. Noting that they may have to retake a class next semester, the student then wants to check on class scheduling and time slots. Even then, there may be a hold on their account, preventing them from signing up for classes until an unpaid bill is finally paid. Students expect to be able to view all of these things in a quick, simple, and secure manner. Signing up for classes used to mean physically going to the registrar. Now it’s a matter of a few clicks.

So things are becoming simpler on the user’s end, but how are all these new apps affecting your IT department? Chances are you now have a myriad of different apps in the cloud, as well as your old legacy systems, and they all have to work together to transfer data and perform the way your students and faculty require them to. And that’s why we’ve developed Illuminate. Illuminate takes all your existing apps and systems and integrates them under one umbrella. One central hub handles all your data transfers and allows for instantaneous and secure communication.

Illuminate provides you with a truly integrated campus, where each department’s existing, disparate systems can communicate seamlessly with each other. Illuminate also rids you of the cost and burden of continuously buying new hardware or software. That’s because it is easily scaled to your needs. Adding new apps is easy and doesn’t require extensive work on your part. This means you have the ability to support the students who are already on your campus, as well as attract the next generation of students who see a college that is on the cutting-edge–providing their students with the best technology available.

At N2N, we want to help you get the best technology for your students, and give them the opportunity to use it in the simplest and most efficient manner possible. Contact us here at N2N Services for more information about how your institution can not only streamline your processes and applications, but also provide your entire administration, faculty, and student body with a system that will improve their experience across the board.